Wermonster Live & Finissage Jinn/Photoexhibition/Danceperformance | 25.10.2011

After participating in numerous rock and jazz projects as a guitar and bass player, he started to create his own music in the mid-90s, experimenting with computers, loops, synths and samplers.

After living in the north east of France, he moved to Marseille in 2004 and started getting involved in the local hip-hop scene: making beats and working as sound assistant in different recording studios there. Always pushing his work further he has decided to move his lab to Berlin.

Definitely hip hop based, Wermonster’s music explores new musical dimensions, mixing breakbeats with sliced samples, acoustic, electronic melodies and cinematic atmospheres to create a soulful psychedelic soundtrack.

The performance group JINN, a collaboration of different artists from divers fields like dance, space & costume design, music & photography was found 2008 by the japanese dancer & choreographer TOMOKO NAKASATO in Berlin.

Tomoko Nakasato from Hokkaido, Japan, started as a Hip-Hop streetdancer in the 90′s, studied sports-care-trainer including shiatsu massage & acupuncture at the Fukken University Tokio from 2001 — 2004 and took lessons in contemporary dance as well as in ballet.

25.10.2011 | Wermonster (FR) LIVE (Slow Fi Monks Records)
+ Tomoko Nakasato & Schneider TM // sound & dance performance
Decks: Schneider TM DJ,  Radio & Fernseh (future_beats) & Digital in Berlin
File under: Dubstep, Beats, Wonky, Electronica



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